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Caution: Peeps are intended for kids, some of the links below may not be. You have been warned. :)

General info and official sites:

Peeps FAQ
Official Just Born Peeps page
Just Born Quality Confections
Peeps Factory Tour
Peeps entry in Wikipedia, online Encyclopedia

Newest additions:

As of Peep Season 2004, I will no longer be listing every news article that just quotes a press release or says the same thing over and over. There are just too many of them ... all clones of each other. If they say something new and different, they will be listed. Blogs will be listed if they have significant and unique content.

Marshmallow Peeps in Outer Space Shockwave Flash game
Peep Research A study of small fluffy creatures and library usage.
Peeps Travels
Peeping @ Peeps
Peeps From Hell
Peeps -- Food or Toy?
Pee Is For Peep
Peeps: A Lot Tougher Than You Think
Peeps Heat Up Easter Traditions
Marshmallow Peeps Chocolate Melt-A-Way Hearts (recipe)
Easter Baskets and Traditions
Peep Haiku
Microwaving Marshmallow Peeps
Marshmallow Peeps Maker make your own peeps, from Wham-O
Raving Toy Maniac reviews the Wham-O Peep Maker
Building Powerful Solutions Marketing case study on Peeps
The Passion of The Peeps (or something) Windows movie (may be down)
Peeps et Beans The Making of a Mini-comic
Marshmallow Chickies not available Easter 2004 These are NOT Peeps!
Peep Travelogue

Classic, long-standing, and highly recommended sites:

Bunny Survival Tests (Old page, new link)
Peep Research (Those Resilient Little Birds) Classic page, new URL
The Peep Dance (no hamsters here :)
Tracy and Mia's Peep-O-Rama
Peep Art! (new URL)
Peeps Show (and bunnies too)
Voyage of the Peep-O-Nauts From NASA (really)
Vince Monte Peep Experiment (It's back, at a new URL.)
Where Do Peeps Come From? Salon Magazine
Marshmallow Peeps, Harbingers of Doom for the Human Race

Annual Peep-Off:

Peep-Off 2004
Peep-Off 2003 results
Peep-Off 2002 results.
2002 - Peep-Off VI - Peepzilla April 6, Sacramento
2001: A Peep Odyssey Peepageddon! 5th Annual Peep-Off
Annual Sacramento Peep-Off (with lotsa pics)


Biker Peeps (episode 1) (episode 2) (episode 3)
Dr. Fun ... A week's worth of cartoons ... 4-14 4-15 4-16 4-17 4-18
Great Scenes in Rock&Roll History (as reenacted by Marshmallow Peeps)
Easter Carrots (Say what?)
Lord of the Peeps Tolkien in Marshmallows
Peeps as fish bait?
Peeps, Those Little Yellow Bastards!
Peeps, a Bad Candy for All Seasons
Ban Peeps Research!
The Peeps Are In Here The Peep Challenge
Bad Saturday (not for the easily offended)
Peep Trek: Enterprise
Peep War the game
The Plain Jane - Peeps do Shakespeare
A letter to Just Born. (has some "adult" content, may be inappropriate for minors, you have been warned :)
The Kamikaze Peep Squad
Bad Candy (honorable mention) Peeps have not made this site ... yet.
WSUN-FM PeepShow Don't forget to bring Peeps!
Hot Cross Buns and Bunny Burning 2001 (well, kinda still there)
NFL: Dennis Miller Gives Props to His Peeps
Candies We Hate!!
We the Peeps
Stupid Peep Tricks but not very nice
Peep Porn Parody Page Funny!
Deep Fried Peeps
Episode VI, The Bunnies Strike Back

Testing, torture, nuking, etc.:

Funny Things to do with Your Microwave Kids, don't try this at home.
Too Much Sugar When Peeps Attack (Maybe this should go in recipes or humor.)
High Voltage Peep Insulation (may be down)
The Peep Show Peep Jousting
Peepshow 99
Eat a Peep for Jesus


Chicken (Peeps) Sandwich
Peeps Smores
Blue Peep Pie (recipe)
Peep-A-Boo Ghost Puff
Just Hatched (and a good list of Peeps recipes)
Peep Waldorf Salad (serious) (URL updated)
An original (yum!) Peeps recipe

Arts, crafts, stories, poetry, music, etc.:

Make your own Peeps (well, graphics, anyway) (More stupid Tripod popups.)
Marshmallow Peeps Sing-Along Kids' CD
Send a Peep Greeting Card
Easter Crafts for Kids
Eggs-ellent Easter Crafts
Peeps Karaoke
Make a Fuzzy Easter Peep (craft project)
Easter Island (Cute kids story, some peeps mention.)
The Peeps
Peeps and Poems
The Peeps Page

Easter-related sites:

It's the Easter Monkey
Pookie's Easter Page

News reports, features, announcements, releases:

Easter Resources
To Peep Or Not To Peep
Marshmallow Madness
Peeps On Parade
Peeps -- Humanized Marshmellows [sic]
Around Town -- Easter
The Foods that Time Forgot
Eating of the Peeps From NPR
Peeps Show
Peeps Wait in the Wings ...
Peeps Abroad
Marshmallow meows? Even sugar fiends have limits
Marshmallow Peeps from BBC
Playing with your Food Peep Culture
Peeps Sweet for Prankster
An Aussie in America - Fun Food One section on Peeps
Peeps Remain Popular Easter Treat CNN transcript
Peeps for All
Peeping Around for Easter
Eggs, Bunnies, and Other Quantum Leaps
Marshmallow Peeps Collection Pride of University of Buffalo Librarian.
Peeps Worldwide
Power to the Peeps
What's going on: Cheap treat
How Marshmallow Easter Treats Get Made
The Scoop on Peeps: Easter treats are getting a bad rap UD expert argues
People Who Need Peeps -- It's Scary
Peeps Rule Roost
Mothers Who Think, The Peep Show
Detroit Free Press: Peeps on the Internet
Scientists: Soft, chewy Peeps nearly indestructible

Peeps Links and Information:

What We Ate -- Peeps
Holiday Candy Facts
The History of Marshmallows
Another Peeps links page
Easter Candy Facts
Meet the Peeps
Peep Quiz (popup hell)
Peeps For All
Happy Easter from Relativity
The Marshmallow Peeps Webring
The Marshmallow Portal
Page O' Peeps
Craig's Links: Food and Drink : Peeps
Peep Dreams are Made of This

Personal pages:

Gardening with Peeps and Peeps galleries
Marshmallow Peeps 2003 Anniversary Tour Peeps are always in season...
Mesha Peeps
For My Peeps
Peeps (Geez I hate all those stupid Tripod popups!)
Peeps Support Page
A Peep Wedding (cute!)
Peeps (Annoying popup)
Peeps (the candy variety)

Video, Multimedia, etc.

Any Way You Want It Cute but very irreverent video Long slow download, but worth it. :)

The Good, The Bad, The Unusual, and The Very Bad :)

Mini-Peeps (May have very annoying popups.)
WHAT?.... NO MARSHMALLOW CHICKIES !!! (counterfeit Peeps?) newsfroup

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